Waiting for a bus in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


The public buses in Saigon always have the right of way in traffic, motorcyclists really have to be on their toes around these things


2 thoughts on “Waiting for a bus in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam”

  1. Kevin Bradberry says:

    Lewis, I was peaking through your posts and wanted to let you know I like the high contrast you get with black. Is it a Sharpie? And smart work to both of us for using an Elmastudio theme. You can’t beat them for $18.

  2. Hey Kevin thanks. Yeah I use a sharpie or any oil based marker. My main criteria is that it doesn’t leak through the moleskine paper to the other side, since I try to use every page ha. If I feel the image needs more contrast I will manually adjust it with an image editor

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